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Restoring Power

Our primary goal is to get the power back on in the quickest and safest manner possible with the following restoration process:

1. Public Safety First

Often, crews are sent first to remove damaged power lines from roadways and other public areas.

2. Next, substation power is restored.

Sometimes, service to hundreds or even thousands of members can be restored immediately by replacing a fuse on a substation transformer.

3. Major distribution feeders are repaired next.

These are the lines that come out of a substation. If energy cannot be distributed over these lines, your home cannot receive power.

4. Tap lines are repaired next.

These lines carry power to groups of homes from the distribution feeders. You may see your neighbors' lights come on while yours remain out. This happens when a tap line is repaired, but there is still damage to your individual line.

5. Finally, individual service lines are repaired.



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