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Dual Fuel

What is Dual Fuel?

Dual Fuel is a load management program available to members who choose to install heating systems with two different sources of energy (dual fuel).  Our program requires that the home's main heating system is electric and the back-up heat source typically utilizes natural gas, propane or fuel oil.

A member can expect the following by participating in the program: 

  • Before qualifying for the discounted rate, the home or business must have appropriate metering in place.
  • The member agrees to have a radio receiver installed by the Cooperative. 
  • During peak periods, when demand for electricity is highest, a signal will be sent to the receiver which will automatically switch the heating system to the back-up fuel source. 
  • When the peak period is over, the receiver will automatically switch back to your electric heat source. 


What is the benefit?

  • Installing a dual fuel system will significantly reduce a member's electric power cost. 
  • Members are able to take advantage of a significantly reduced electric rate on that electric heating source during the months of September through May usage.
    • Through the Dual Fuel meter, all usage measured shall be tax exempt during these months.
  • Members can add an efficient water heater and take advantage of the reduced electric rate to heat their water.  Minimum of 80 gallon water heater is recommended.
  • By allowing the Cooperative to lower demand during peak energy periods, we are able to reduce wholesale power costs. 
  • Additionally, programs such as these offer huge environmental impacts because it reduces the number of power plants needed to supply energy to the electric grid.


When do peak energy events occur?

  • Typically, a member may see an impact during the months of December through February. 
  • When a peak energy alert is issued, members can expect fuel switching to begin at 4:55 p.m. with restoral complete by 11:55 p.m.  During this time, heat will be provided by the back-up source.


To get started, complete the Dual Fuel Application and Agreement located here and email to  If you have any questions, contact the Cooperative at 800-214-2694 and start saving today!

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