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Stray Voltage

Stray voltage is a natural phenomenon that can be found at low levels between two contact points at any property where electricity is grounded.  


The USDA definition states: "Stray voltage is a small voltage (less than 10 volts) measured between two points that can be simultaneously contacted by an animal. Because animals respond to the current produced by a voltage and not to the voltage directly, the source of the voltage must be able to produce current flow greater than the threshold current needed to elicit a response from an animal when an animal, or an equivalent load, contacts both points."  


To better understand stray voltage please refer the Minnesota Stray Voltage Guide or visit the Midwest Rural Energy Council website for more information.


If you are planning to build or expand your dairy, please refer to MREC's Electrical Planning for Dairy Expansions document.


If you suspect stray voltage on your property, please contact the Cooperative immediately at 507-367-7000 or 800-214-2694 and our staff trained in stray voltage will visit your site to assess the situation.


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