Electric Vehicle Resources

When it comes to electric vehicles, there are many resources out there to help you make a decision about transitioning to an electric vehicle.  We hope these can help!

Electric Vehicle Overview

An Overview of Electric Vehicles and Chargers

Developing Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Through the Alternative Fuels Data Center at the US Department of Energy, here is information on what it takes to develop the infrastructure needed to charge plug-in electric vehicles.

EPRI Consumer Guide to Electric Vehicles

In the market for an electric vehicle?  EPRI has a tool where you can select and compare EVs that are available this year.  To get started, click below.

Drive Electric Minnesota

Click below for a great resource on all thing electric vehicles here in Minnesota.  Learn more about what it means to own an electric vehicle, what is looks like charging an electric vehicle, and electric vehicle initiatives around the state.


Are you traveling out of town and want to know where you'll be able to charge your vehicle?  Look no further!

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Handbook for Consumers

The US Department of Energy and Clean Cities put together a handbook on electric vehicles including benefits, buying the right vehicle, driving and maintaining your vehicle, and charging your vehicle.

Electric Vehicle Buying Guide

From our friends at Plug In America, here is a helpful guide to understand the differences between your electric vehicle options.

Electric Vehicle Guide